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Exploring major cities’ readiness to thrive in an era of unprecedented technological change
MIT Sloan Management Review

How Cities Should Prepare For Artificial Intelligence

It’s time for city administrations and local employers to close AI-related skills gaps.
Kaijia Gu, Timocin (Timo) Pervane
Kaijia Gu
Partner, Oliver Wyman
As a leader of the City Readiness team, Kaijia Gu collaborates with business leaders, academics, and policymakers to identify ways that cities can transform potential waves of disorder into new opportunities for innovation, in part by tapping into the potential of their diverse networks of people and organizations. She has lived in major cities around the world most of her life including Beijing, Xi’an, Ithaca, Boston, New York, and London, where she currently lives with her family.
Timocin (Timo) Pervane
Partner, Oliver Wyman
As leader of the Oliver Wyman Forum’s City Readiness initiative, Timocin Pervane leads a team focused on enabling cities to prosper in an age of unprecedented urbanization and technological innovation. He currently resides with his family in his hometown of Boston but has also enjoyed being an urban citizen in cities as varied as London, Munich, Brussels, Istanbul, Beijing, and Washington D.C.
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