The Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Berkeley

Trailblazing the New Mobility With UC Berkeley

The Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Berkeley and the Oliver Wyman Forum will help leaders anticipate the challenges of the mobility revolution and build winning ecosystems.

The Future:

While the New Mobility presents an array of challenges and opportunities, cities that want to be tomorrow’s economic leaders must embrace new technologies as levers for growth and figure out ways to incorporate them equitably.

Key Questions:

We aim to bring together leading thinkers from businesses, start-ups, academia, public and social institutions across all geographies to:

· Anticipate the upcoming complex challenges of the future of mobility

· Frame and inspire innovative solutions to strengthen businesses, industries, and economies

· Foster collaboration and winning mobility ecosystems

Our Approach:

With this collaboration, we aim to bring together the influencers shaping the future of mobility through an array of forums that provide actionable next steps and innovative research to ensure future success. Launched in November 2019 in Paris, the Global Mobility Executive Forum is a series of interactive events taking place in cities around the world, consisting of keynote presentations, panel sessions, and co-design workshops with partners from businesses, start-ups, academia, as well as financial, public, and social institutions worldwide. This inaugural session convened over 650 mobility executives and also featured the unveiling of the Urban Mobility Readiness Index — a forward-leaning ranking of how well-positioned global cities are to lead the mobility revolution.

Next Steps:

Throughout 2020 and the foreseeable future, the Global Mobility Executive Forum will continue to bring together leaders from cities around the world for thought-provoking discussions on what COVID-19 and the current economic climate mean for the sector. While we may not be able to physically get together in-person for planned upcoming events in cities such as Berlin and San Francisco, we will make use of the latest mobility technologies to ensure an experience that is worthwhile and meaningful for all who attend. Likewise, 2020 will also see the launch of the second annual Urban Mobility Readiness Index, which will feature 20 additional cities and a look into what major global risks mean for the future of cities and their mobility infrastructure.

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