Institute of International Finance

Creating Public-Private Dialogues for Good Data Practices

With the Institute of International Finance, we’re hosting “DataTalk,” a new monthly interactive discussion forum on data topics that convenes public and private sector leaders.

The Challenge:

There’s an expanding set of issues surrounding how data is sourced, utilized, transferred, and protected. And yet, there’s not enough sharing of best practices for data management among the private sector, or between public and private sector.

Our Approach:

With the Institute of International Finance (IIF), we’re hosting “DataTalk,” a new monthly interactive discussion forum on data topics that convenes public and private sector leaders. Anticipated topics of discussion include:

  • Ethical use of data
  • Responsibilities between roles: e.g., the Chief Data Officer and the Risk function
  • Data privacy requirements and expectations
  • Data localization/connectivity across borders
  • Data sharing frameworks, e.g. in open banking regimes
  • Cloud computing
  • Machine learning/Artificial intelligence
  • Monetizing and valuing data
  • Data and digital identity
  • Data and combatting financial crime

Who Can Join?

DataTalk is open to representatives of all IIF member firms, partners, regulators and policymakers. Discussions are intended for a mix of Chief Data Officers (and their deputies or direct reports) and other capacities that deal with the issue set, including Risk, Compliance, and Innovation functions. The IIF and the Oliver Wyman Forum may invite participants from outside the financial industry to participate, in an individual meeting or on an ongoing basis, with member advice.

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