US Mass Transit Faces Daunting Challenge to Win Back Riders

Leery users want to see social distancing and greater sanitization before returning to buses and subways, our survey finds.
Francois Austin, Moe Kelley
Francois Austin
Partner and Global Head of Oliver Wyman’s Energy Practice, Oliver Wyman
Francois Austin regularly advises companies and countries on energy and mobility issues related to strategy, post-merger integration, leadership development, and risk management. To Francois, tackling the mobility and energy-transition challenges may hold the answers to many of the world’s toughest problems. Francois has contributed to various management books, including The Discipline of Market Leaders and Surfing on the Edge of Chaos, and co-authored Strategic Thinking in Tactical Times. He is based in Oliver Wyman’s London office.
Moe Kelley
Partner, Oliver Wyman
Since the start of his career in consulting, Moe Kelley has helped clients harness the potential of rapidly evolving technologies and advised on the speed of their adoption. Today, Moe — with more than 18 years as a consultant — works out of Oliver Wyman’s Boston office on fifth-generation wireless (5G) matters, the Internet of Things, cloud capabilities, and wireless data pricing, among other issues. He holds an MBA from the Darden School at the University of Virginia.

Cycling Gets A Lift From the Coronavirus

Commuters are shifting gears from crowded trains and buses. Cities should look to Amsterdam and Helsinki for ways to promote biking.
Guillaume Thibault
Guillaume Thibault
Partner, Oliver Wyman
Guillaume Thibault is an advisor to major aerospace, rail, and public transportation players and works on mobility strategy and solutions for smart-city projects worldwide. A consultant with Oliver Wyman for 15 years, Guillaume has contributed fundamental research on how autonomy and the deployment of other disruptive digital business models in mobility are likely to impact industry and society. He has written extensively about European industrial policy, digitalization, and globalization and holds degrees from ESSEC Business School and Sciences-Po Paris.

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