Pandemic Recovery

How to Build a Smart City From the Ruins of COVID

The London Data Commission is working to open up data about the capital to help regeneration and growth post-pandemic.
John Romeo
John Romeo
Managing Partner and Head of the Oliver Wyman Forum Partner, Oliver Wyman
John sits on Oliver Wyman’s Executive Committee and has over 25 years of consulting experience advising leading private and public-sector institutions. Previously, John was Head of the Americas for the firm, and established Oliver Wyman’s Social Impact program across the region. John also served as the Chair of the firm’s Inclusion Council until 2018, is an author of Oliver Wyman’s annual “Women in Financial Services” Report, and is a proud ally and champion of LGBT issues. He is a board member of Safe Horizon (the largest victims’ services agency in the United States).

Why Won’t People Use Contact-Tracing Apps?

Data-sharing attitudes vary on a variety of factors, including a sense of altruism, interest in the pandemic, concerns about privacy, and trust in authorities.
Ana Kreacic, Lorenzo Miláns del Bosch
Ana Kreacic
Chief Operating Officer, Oliver Wyman Forum; Partner, Chief Knowledge Officer, Oliver Wyman
Ana is the Chief Knowledge Officer of the Oliver Wyman Group, the Chief Operating Officer of the Oliver Wyman Forum and a Co-leader of the New York office. She advises clients in areas of strategy, offer development, and new business start-ups. Ana’s work focuses on the opportunities, uncertainties, and challenges stemming from rapidly changing data and business landscapes. She regularly convenes senior leaders to explore these complicated issues. Ana also is passionate about education, mentoring, immigrant issues, and women’s advancement initiatives, and serves on multiple boards, including Upwardly Global and the Stamford Symphony Orchestra. She graduated from the University of Maryland and the Wharton School.
Lorenzo Miláns del Bosch
Partner, Oliver Wyman
Lorenzo has been a Partner with Oliver Wyman for 20 years, working in the telecommunications space. He has advised some of the world leading companies in strategy, marketing, and commercial and public policy topics. Working on numerous big data and artificial intelligence-related projects has shown Lorenzo that data could be an asset and driving force of transformation for companies. At the same time, data is at the core of numerous public policy discussions. Lorenzo wants to help find the proper and dynamic equilibrium between the potential of data to create economic value and social wealth, on the one hand, and individual rights to privacy and identity, on the other. Before joining Oliver Wyman, Lorenzo was a Director with the National Economic Research Associates. Lorenzo is an avid reader of philosophy and mathematics and an ever-learning aficionado of jazz guitar. He holds a PhD in theoretical physics and a MSc in innovation management.

It’s Time We Had a Serious Talk About Contact-Tracing

How governments can win the public’s trust to share the data needed to fight the coronavirus and reopen economies.
Lisa Quest, Marjorie Buchser
Lisa Quest
Partner, Oliver Wyman
Lisa is a Partner and Head of Public Sector for the UK and Ireland. She advises senior government officials on a broad range of issues, including regulation and supervision, organizational design and effectiveness. She has significant experience working with data in public sector transformational change and is fascinated by the ways it can be used to predict behavior and to build previously unimaginable new infrastructure. Lisa is also an Academic Fellow with the London School of Economics Centre for Risk and Regulation, focusing on the development of technology regulation. She is an active triathlete and on the board of the Best Beginning charity. She graduated from Western University and the London School of Economics.
Marjorie Buchser
Executive Director , Digital Society Initiative at Chatham House
Marjorie leads the London-based think tank’s digital initiative, which brings together policymakers and the private sector to promote inclusive technology governance and sustainable and equitable growth, and offer solutions to emerging technological threats. Previously she was a senior strategist on digital inclusion and climate change at Purpose, a New York-based non-governmental organization, and led digital innovation projects at the World Economic Forum.

Singapore Raises the Bar on Data to Fight Pandemic

The country is upgrading its information tools in an effort to contain a surge in COVID-19 infections.
Claudio Lago de Lanzos, Jayant Raman, Kitty Lee, Junyan Boon
Claudio Lago de Lanzos
Partner, Oliver Wyman
Claudio is a Partner who heads Oliver Wyman’s Corporate & Institutional Banking and Wealth & Asset Management practices in Asia. He is based in Singapore and has worked with numerous wholesale banks, wealth managers and market infrastructure providers across strategic topics. Claudio holds degrees in Business Administration and Law from ICADE University of Madrid.
Jayant Raman
Partner, Oliver Wyman
Jayant is a Partner who advises in clients in the Banking, Financial Services and Private Equity sectors. His areas of expertise include Regulatory Compliance, Anti-Financial Crime and Cyber Risk, across strategy, analytics and organizational transformation. Based in Singapore, Jayant also co-leads Oliver Wyman’s Non-Financial Risk practice for Asia-Pacific with a focus on new and emerging areas of risk.
Kitty Lee
Partner, Oliver Wyman
Kitty is a Partner in the Health & Life Sciences practice, based in Singapore. Her expertise covers the entire health ecosystem, across providers, payors and life sciences, on topics including strategy, investments and innovation. Kitty holds an MBA from London Business School and a BBA from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor).
Junyan Boon
Principal, Oliver Wyman
Junyan is a Principal in the Digital and Corporate Finance and Advisory practices and has worked extensively across Asia Pacific. He focuses on data privacy, cyber and data security, data management and IT risk management, as well as corporate finance advisory.

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