Oliver Wyman Forum At SXSW: The New Consumers Redefining Travel

Oliver wyman forum at SXSW

Monday, March 13th, 2023

10:00am-11:00am CST

Austin Convention Center, 8ABC


Consumers emerged from COVID newly focused on wellness, the climate, and time with friends and family. They also have a new group of colleagues: Gen Z, the most diverse and educated generation in history. Today’s consumers want to travel, but they expect venues to be cleaner and adventures to benefit their health and the planet.


Join us at SXSW's first event in the travel and leisure track to meet these new consumers and learn from industry leaders about how they match their customers' needs. You’ll learn about travelers like the Virtual Natives working dockside rather than deskside, the Climate Catalysts counting their carbon footprint from travel, and the Wellness Protagonists using tech for self-care. 


These personas are based on more than two years of research and over 150,000 voices. Explore who the new disruptors are and how businesses can adapt.

Video Hightlights from SXSW

Watch Ana Kreacic and John Ackerman discuss the big themes from our SXSW session and the new consumer personas that resonated most with them.


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Lippincott at SXSW

Tuesday, March 14th, 2023

2:30pm – 3:30pm CT

Why be loyal when there’s so much to explore? Join Heather Stern, CMO of our sister brand strategy firm Lippincott, as she hosts a dynamic discussion on the changing shape of brand loyalty today.



Leaders from Uber, Hyatt, and Southwest Airlines, will discuss what it takes to build meaningful bonds with guests and customers, post-pandemic behavioral shifts, the race to deliver more innovative offerings and experiences for travelers, and predictions about what’s to come in travel, leisure, and beyond.

The New People Shaping Our Future

Our personas presented at this event are only a part of what we've uncovered in our research. There are eight new types of consumers in total, all exerting huge influence over business and society. Representing more than half of the world’s population, they can’t be ignored. They are at the forefront of 30 critical macro trends disrupting society and organizations, and account for trillions in global spend.


The playbooks businesses once relied on are obsolete. Meet all of the new consumers here.


What Business Needs To Know About Gen Z

Gen Z is the “most” generation in history: most racially and ethnically diverse, most educated, and most digitally savvy. They’re also the most nonconformist — rejecting labels and traditional financial pursuits. In time they will redefine politics, the economy, the workplace, healthcare, brand marketing, and much more.


Their behaviors will reward companies that can tap into their zeitgeist — and doom those that are, well, cheugyFind out how to attract this new and powerful cohort.

Oliver Wyman's Transportation & Services Practice

The broader transportation ecosystem is a critical part of the world economy, moving people, goods, and information around the globe.  We advise clients on the innovations and pressures that are changing the industry – from digitization and new mobility, to changes in regulations and trade flows. Visit us here.


Our latest report is a new aviation market forecast that anticipates a 33% growth in global commercial fleets in the next decade. A shortage of aviation mechanics poses a barrier to market growth, but our recent labor report outlines a path forward for the airline industry. 


More Insights For SXSW

Equip yourself with more insights as you explore. For those interested in other tracks at SXSW, we invite you to dive into the other New People personas.


Insights For The Cannabis And Psychedelic SXSW Tracks


The Psychedelic Explorer is a growing consumer base that's destigmatizing mental healthcare and accelerating the adoption of psychedelics for therapeutic purposes. With a plethora of extant startup ventures and robust investment interest, some are predicting the psychedelic sector will represent a >$10 billion market opportunity within the next five years.


Insights For The Tech Industry And XR & Metaverse SXSW Tracks


The Citizens of the Metaverse are consumers on the cutting edge of every technological frontier. They want to enhance what they already use the internet for, then expand into unchartered territory. Willing to pay to play, they are molding a new market and will shape how the metaverse emerges and becomes enmeshed into a global future.


Insights For The Markets & Economies SXSW Track


The Hivemind Investors are those for whom social media drives investment decisions.  Investing has become a way for them to find and build community, democratize financial markets and investing, and prove themselves capable of navigating the financial world. Through their sheer size alone, they have significant sway over the markets.


The Digital Bloomers are those over 45 who entered the digital ecosystem due to Covid-19. They adopted a variety of new digital behaviors, from ordering groceries and banking online to connecting with loved ones via video chat. This is the group whose altered behavioral profile will ensure the ways we work, interact, and do business do not return to their pre-pandemic norms.


Insights For The Workplace Revolution SXSW Track


The New Collars are blue-collar workers who used the pandemic to learn new skills so that they could find better jobs. Their transcendence of single-collar careers is helping lead a labor revolution. Blue-collar work remains a crucial component of the global economy, and while wages are rising, employers must act swiftly to close the gap between job demand and workers available given the accelerating departures.

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