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Data Valuation Methodologies

We're convening public and private leaders to explore methodologies for valuing data.

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Where: Virtual event

When: Aug. 23, 2021

Overview: In the fifth installment of the Institute of International Finance’s DataTalk series, an interactive monthly forum bringing together experts from IIF member firms, leading tech firms, and other partners and officials, participants discussed methodologies for valuing data.

Digital information drives many of the world’s most valuable companies yet there is no consensus about how to value the raw material itself. The discussion revolved around principles that can help frame the valuation issue. Clarity about the objective of determining the value – to inform shareholders, say, or for tax purposes – can shape the approach, participants agreed. They discussed the philosophical question of whether data has value in itself or whether the worth resides in what a business can do with the information. There was also support for taking a risk-reward approach in light of the fact that holding more data can increase the risk of a breach and the growing pressure for greater data regulation.

The difficulties of data valuation shouldn’t deter organizations from doing the work, though, participants agreed. Better valuations can help managers set priorities and might enable greater cross-border data flows.

The series includes three leading global experts as co-chairs:

Douglas Elliott, Partner, Oliver Wyman

Jennifer Stott, Chief Data Officer, Royal Bank of Canada

Tom Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Allianz Ayudhya

Attendance at the DataTalk series is available by invitation only. To get in touch, email us at OWForum-Data@oliverwyman.com. You can learn more about the collaboration with the IIF here