OliverWyman Forum

Rebuilding Economies and Societies With Data

With Chatham House, we're exploring what the pandemic taught us about mobilizing data.

Where: Virtual event

When: June 30, 2020, 1-2:30pm EST

The Oliver Wyman Forum, in collaboration with Chatham House, has established a Future of Data Roundtable Series to explore key questions relating to responsible data-driven innovation and data governance. These issues are particularly relevant in the context of the COVID-19 crisis and worldwide protests for racial justice.

Our Roundtable Series brings together senior industry leaders, policymakers, and emerging innovators to reflect on the challenges of the hour and shape tomorrow’s thinking. We conduct these meetings at a senior level and aim for a fairly intimate and interactive conversation.

On June 30, we will hold our inaugural Series event in the Americas on the topic, "How can data help reopen economies and build fairer societies?" We are delighted to have secured Aneesh Chopra, who served as the first CTO of the United States, as a panelist.


We'll be exploring the following questions:

  • What has the pandemic taught us about mobilizing data to meet broader societal challenges?
  • What are the evolving expectations on how firms use and share data, and what should they do?
  • How can we build trust around data-sharing to prevent privacy intrusion and discrimination?