Royal Institute of International Affairs

Laying the Groundwork for Data's Future

Together with the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), our roundtable series will address the problem of scaling data-driven innovation responsibly and with the right governance structure.

The Future:

While the data revolution holds great promise, responsible approaches to innovation and regulation have not kept pace with the vast amount of digital information available, creating uncertainty around how to balance different societal goals. Clear rules-of-the-road to facilitate responsible innovation will accelerate data being used to better our future.

Key Questions:

Our roundtable series with Chatham House will identify ways to better utilize, monetize, manage, and govern the exponential growth of digital information while protecting individuals’ rights. Furthering the societal and business debates about the appropriate use of data will be key in collaborating on data’s next chapter.

Our Approach:

We bring together senior industry leaders, policymakers, and emerging innovators to reflect on the challenges of the hour and shape tomorrow’s thinking. Our aim is to share best practices that span industries and geographies through productive, forward-looking dialogues.

Next Steps:

Throughout 2020-21, our roundtable series will reflect on data-driven innovation and governance, issues that are very relevant particularly in a COVID-19 world. We’ll be reviewing current efforts and discussing the creation of rules-of-the-road that recognize social obligations and accelerate the beneficial use of data for responsible business models.  

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