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Future of Data at Davos 2020: New Road Maps for Data Regulation

How data is governed, controlled, and shared will drastically alter the next digital transformation. In Davos, we're sparking the conversation with an interactive panel.

Since its launch at Davos in January, 2019, the Oliver Wyman Forum has been at the forefront of examining the challenges and opportunities that developments in AI, mobility, and cyber technologies will have on business and society at large. Now, the Oliver Wyman Forum is kicking off our Future of Data vertical to help enable, accelerate, and scale responsible data-driven innovation by identifying and building appropriate rules of the road and infrastructures.

The conversation will begin on Wednesday, January 22 at the World Economic Forum’s 50th Annual Global Meeting in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, where the Oliver Wyman Forum will host an invitation-only, interactive panel, “Data Futures Collide — Enabling Responsible Data-Driven Innovation,” joined by leaders from business, civil society, and academia. 

Panelists John Romeo, managing partner and head of the Oliver Wyman Forum; JoAnn Stonier, chief data officer of Mastercard; Alan Trefler, founder and chief executive officer of Pegasystems; and Brad Carr, senior director of digital finance at the Institute of International Finance, will explore questions of data ownership and how data-driven innovation can serve the needs of both business and society.

The panel will be moderated by Douglas Elliott, a partner at Oliver Wyman who focuses on the intersection of public policy and finance. Elliott serves as the co-lead of the Future of Data initiative.

The Oliver Wyman Forum’s City Readiness initiative is hosting another panel at Davos, titled "Meeting AI Disruption Head-on in Today's Cities," moderated by Zach Seward, chief executive officer and co-founder of Quartz.

Visit the Oliver Wyman Forum’s Future of Data page for related insights. Our reactions from last year's Oliver Wyman Forum involvement at Davos can be seen here.

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