London Data Commission

Pioneering Data-led Solutions to London’s Challenges

Together with London First, Arup, and Microsoft, the Oliver Wyman Forum has established the London Data Commission to transform the capital with data-led solutions for its biggest challenges.

The Challenge

London is recognized as a leader in many fields, however with a growing population there continue to be significant challenges the city is facing. To name a few: grappling with the need to become a net-zero carbon city by 2050, ensuring the constant skilling and re-skilling of its current and future workforce to address the impact of tech disruption, and continuing to re-develop its built environment amidst greater digital interconnectivity. If it is to both meet the needs of modern, healthy living and continue to be a global leader in the digital age, change is needed.

The Vision

We believe that a successful future for London relies on using and sharing the rich data held by businesses, local governments, and the third sector. By optimizing use of the data it already has, London can overcome issues such as housing shortages, congestion, pollution, and a lack of digital skills in the workforce.

Our Approach

With the data required to unlock these benefits currently dispersed across multiple private and nonprofit organizations, as well as Londoners themselves, the Oliver Wyman Forum, alongside London FirstArup, and Microsoft are convening a collection of business and public sector leaders through the London Data Commission. The aim of the commission is to understand the incentives and challenges of public-private data-sharing collaborations and to use these to facilitate inter-company data-sharing pilots to unlock new insights for London’s benefit.

The Projects

With its partners, the Oliver Wyman Forum carried out two pilot projects. The first tapped an array of sources to show how public and private data can be used to plan the development of charging hubs for electric large goods vehicles in the capital. The second demonstrated that public and private data can be harnessed to identify neighborhoods with the greatest exclusion in terms of internet access and digital skills, so city authorities can target their intervention.

In the latest report from the London Data Commission, the Oliver Wyman Forum and its fellow commissioners outline recommendations on how the capital can optimize its data use for a bright future.

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