Aerial view of Buenos Aires at night, Argentina

Global Cities AI Readiness Index

In the rise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s wholesale change of the way we work and live, what does urban AI resilience look like?

The Oliver Wyman Forum has conducted extensive global research on 105 cities to better understand the potential disruption brought by AI. Our goal: to move beyond admiring things like “smart cities” and start a data-informed conversation about how to address the very real opportunities and challenges of AI disruption.

Our research draws on surveys of city residents and conversations with leaders in business, government, and academia, as well as analysis of publicly available socioeconomic data.

This readiness index divides cities into four cohorts based on size (population) and then ranks cities based on an overall readiness score comprising four vectors that capture their ability to adapt and thrive in the coming age of AI.

Mega Cities

10+ Million

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Large Cities

5-10 Million

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Medium Cities

3-5 Million

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Small Cities

<3 Million

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