We Need Mentorship at An Executive Level to Achieve Greater Diversity

Mentorship can remove the barriers for women in relaunching their careers after COVID.

This article first appeared in City AM on May 2, 2021.

Women have suffered disproportionately during the pandemic.  A staggering 40 percent in the UK said they feel worse off than a year ago, according to February data from our monthly consumer sentiment survey, and more than 20 percent said their finances suffered.  

Efforts to help women recover and relaunch their careers must include mentoring. It’s well documented that one of the best ways to remove the invisible barriers holding women back is to provide these opportunities. Mentors can be friends or colleagues who share their knowledge and encouragement. They serve as sounding boards and sources on everything from handling a difficult client to applying for a new job. Ideally, all of us would have several mentors, who could serve as a personal advisory board, helping us develop news skills while we teach each other.  

But mentoring alone is not enough. Many women have put their careers on hold while they struggle to balance work and additional family responsibilities. If we want more female leaders in the management pipeline, we need senior executives to sponsor them. 

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