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Urban Mobility Readiness Index:
How Cities Rank On Mobility Ecosystem Development

Mobility networks and advanced technologies will be pivotal factors in determining which cities thrive in the future

Welcome to the next industrial revolution: New connected autonomous and electrified vehicles, on-demand mobility services, and omnipresent connectivity will transform the way in which we live and work. Cities that want to be tomorrow’s economic leaders must embrace these new technologies as levers for growth and figure out ways to incorporate them equitably.

That’s why the Oliver Wyman Forum, in partnership with the University of California, Berkeley, is unveiling the Urban Mobility Readiness Index — a forward-leaning ranking of how well-positioned global cities are to lead the mobility revolution. The index evaluates such factors as a city’s regulation, infrastructure, livability, and commitment to innovation and then identifies strategies cities can employ to transform mobility into a competitive edge.

While no two cities are alike, many of the problems they face — from congestion to air pollution to failing infrastructure — are similar. The economic fates of cities moving forward will depend on their ability to turn the potential disruption from the New Mobility into opportunities and solutions.

Check out how your city fares with our interactive tool. When it comes to mobility, the future isn’t that far away.