The Accelerating Adoption Of Electric Vehicles

125 million EVs are expected to have been sold by 2030

September 4, 2019

With the plethora of new technologies at the heart of the New Mobility, consumers are becoming increasingly open to alternative solutions for transporting people as well as things from place to place. This is evident in the explosion of ride-hailing, but also in the growing acceptance of electric vehicles (EVs) as a viable alternative to cars with internal combustion engines.

In 2015, the one-millionth electric vehicle was sold, a threshold that the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates took about 10 years to pass. In comparison, it took less than two years to sell the second-millionth EV, while the three-million mark was achieved in less than a year later. In 2018, the IEA statistics show that both the four-millionth and five-millionth car were sold.

By 2030, the expectation is for more than 125 million EVs to have been sold. This is despite not enough charging stations in most regions and the relatively slow progress being made on battery storage capacity and range for EVs. 

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