OliverWyman Forum

The Future of Healthcare Data

What the healthcare sector can learn from how financial services used data in its COVID-19 recovery strategy.

When: December 2

After the 2008 financial crisis, innovation in the financial services sector flourished, from the introduction of a transformed consumer banking experience, to revitalized payments and asset management offerings. But we feel this is an overgeneralization.

Presented in collaboration with Chatham House, this interactive roundtable discussion will offer lessons that the healthcare sector can learn from financial services to prepare for the upcoming data revolution. It will answer questions such as:

Takeaways from data-driven innovation in financial services.

  • To what extent were incumbents and startups collaborators versus competitors?
  • What lessons can other sectors learn from financial services?

Preparing for data-driven change in healthcare:

  • What key principles can be drawn from the financial services experience?
  • How should healthcare leaders be working together?