The New Thinkers, Dreamers, and Doers Shaping Our Future

Video Intro

The pandemic dramatically impacted the way your employees and customers think about and react to the world. Our event  The New Thinkers, Dreamers, and Doers Shaping Our Future – is an interactive evening of insights and art for C-suite, board members, and other senior leaders in Hong Kong to explore these changes and the impact they are having on business.


Inspired by two years of research canvassing over 100,000 people by the Oliver Wyman Forum, our immersive evening will offer innovative insights on the latest emerging trends in consumer and employee behavior, the power of influencers over institutions, the metaverse and more. It will be an opportunity to network and engage with fellow leaders from industry, philanthropy, government, academia, media, and the arts, and to discover what’s shaping the generations of the future.


The event will also include the award-winning photographs depicting each of the new personas, as well as stories from photographer Michelle Watt about her inspiration.