AI In Mobility: Successes And Barriers In AI Adoption

OliverWyman Forum



AI is often portrayed as a safety risk, but the mobility industry has a long history of using the technology to make travel safer, more efficient, and better for consumers. Its experience should inspire decision-makers in mobility and beyond as they brace for transformation.
AI in Mobility, a new report from the Oliver Wyman Forum, combines interviews with experts from industry, academia, and the public sector with global consumer survey data on AI, to provide a unique analysis of the mobility industry's approach to AI and what other industries can learn from it. 


At our virtual launch event, the report's author, Andreas Nienhaus, will explain the findings. A panel discussion with leaders in industry and academia will follow.


Event Highlights:

  • Introduction: Introduction from Andreas Nienhaus on the research.
  • Panel Session: Leaders in industry and academia will share their perspectives.
  • Q&A: Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage with experts.