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Promoting Cyber Literacy

Together with Billington CyberSecurity, we’re helping governments and businesses create a safe and secure cyber ecosystem for all.

Key Challenges:

With Billington CyberSecurity, we’re convening government, business, academic, and social enterprise leaders from around the world to pioneer the cyber defense revolution. Here’s how:

· Enhance trust, transparency, educational awareness, and the dissemination of best practices regarding cybersecurity and cyber risk management

· Advocate knowledge sharing to enable the cyber defense missions across the US and allied countries

· Foster collaboration and innovation among the players in the cyber space

Our Approach:

We’re driving an array of discussions, events, and content developed to foster the continued sharing of ideas, insight, and innovations in this space. The aim of this collaboration goes beyond typical conference sponsorship — it’s about new connections, new conversations and new collaborations to tackle one of the most challenging threats in the world today.

Next Steps:

This collaboration kicks off with the Oliver Wyman Forum participating in a series of Leadership Council breakfasts with some of the leading thinkers in this space from organizations such as the US Department of Defense and the Federal Deposit Insurance Commission, among others.

In June 2021, the Oliver Wyman Forum and Billington CyberSecurity will host a virtual panel discussing supply chain risk and the associated cyber threats featuring panelists from government, technology-focused companies, and retailers. Continued discussion and debate regarding the most current and pressing issues will take place throughout the year, resulting in a series of podcast style interviews, videos, and other thought leadership insight ahead of the 12th Annual Billington CyberSecurity Summit in October 2021.

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