Randall Sargent
Partner, Oliver Wyman
OliverWyman Forum

Randall is a problem solver at heart – from solving math equations on napkins at restaurants as a young kid to now tackling the thorniest issues that keep our clients up at night as a consultant  – she thrives on a good challenge. In the retail sector, much of her work involves building new capabilities and automating insight generation to empower data-driven decision-making, ultimately making clients’ jobs easier and freeing them up to focus on their customers.


Randall has deep expertise in retail merchandising, pricing, and assortment. She helps clients build new, sustainable capabilities to improve their promotions, and works on overall value perception to consumers. Often functioning as a translator between our incredibly technical analytics and the people that need to understand and leverage these insights to make better decisions, has seen firsthand how the power of data and analytics can allow organizations to improve efficiency and to create long-term tangible results.


Randall is based in Boston but spent a year in the Singapore office earlier in her career. On top of her leadership role on the Retail and Consumer Goods team, she is also a coach for younger consultants and serves as the Core Consulting Group Lead in the Boston office. She earned her degrees in Math and International Relations at the University of Pennsylvania and received her MBA from Harvard Business School.