Na Zhou
Partner, Oliver Wyman
This is a photo of Na Zhou

Na is a Singapore-based partner and leads our artificial intelligence platform in Asia Pacific.


She is one of our leading experts on data science and engineering. For several years she worked in London in our Digital practice, collaborating with major European financial institutions in areas such as digital banking, pricing and risk modelling, and risk management. Nowadays, she works across multiple industry verticals, helping our clients tackle their most complex business issues using cutting-edge data and analytic methods in an efficient and scalable manner.


Through her work, Na has learned to truly understand what it takes to deliver impact and the importance of chasing through the whole "data-to-value" chain with the end goal in mind. Na has also spent several years working as a chief data and analytics officer for both a major UK general insurer and a start-up digital bank. Here, she led the design and development of their data strategies, helping both businesses build robust and inciteful data analytics capabilities, that drive business value.


Na believes The biggest challenges companies face in creating value through data are no longer technical, but behavioral and cultural. This shift can be promoted by providing successful examples, setting new expectations for data-driven decision-making, and continuously developing ‘data analytics muscles’ for future growth.


She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from TsingHua University and a MSc in Economics from London School of Economics. Outside of work, Na enjoys cooking, reading sci-fi books, cycling, the arts, and doing the occasional Kaggle competition.