Martin Schulte
Partner, Oliver Wyman
OliverWyman Forum

As a member of Oliver Wyman’s European retail and consumer goods team, Martin’s expertise lies in textiles, beauty, consumer electronics and white goods.  


He is specialized in questions related to format strategies and digitization, omnichannel strategy development and new value pools as well as operational and commercial improvements:


"Keeping up with the current developments around digital and social commerce is absolutely vital for anyone hoping to remain a destination in the retail landscape. I currently spend a lot of time in China and it is truly impressive and intimidating how technologically advanced shopping behaviour already is, particularly in mobile commerce. We will see many of the things you can observe on platforms like WeChat or Alibaba come to Europe not far from today, despite many differences in culture and shopping behaviour."


Martin gained industry experience with L’Oréal and Lufthansa, and he has consulted major retailers, department stores, and multinational chains on a global basis.