Eric Bach
Partner, Oliver Wyman
OliverWyman Forum

Eric, who is based in Paris, has more than two decades years of experience in developing commercial effectiveness and customer-led transformation strategies, in both B2C and B2B environments. “My relationships with clients have been deep and lasting,” says Eric. “I have relationships with large clients that span ten-plus years, and am committed to developing deep knowledge of client organizations and helping with high-impact engagements on pricing, trade terms, and performance management.”


"Revenue management has been the key theme of my career and the development of my expertise—I have been always passionate about sales and marketing, from the get-go.”


Over the years, Eric has supported clients on large programs, solving analytically complex problems and managing highly transverse projects across divisions, countries, and functions. His background ranges from advising consumer products and consumer durables manufacturers on the opportunities and challenges facing the sector to developing strategies for B2B distributors. He has helped clients in key areas such as: developing pricing strategies and processes to measure true profitability and drive margin increase, promotions optimization, sales force improvement, and redesigning customer offerings, among others.

Never one to stand on his laurels, Eric’s role and scope has evolved in new and rewarding ways, such as leading the practice’s relationship with a large international client across regions and managing an internal function such as recruiting. “My greatest satisfaction comes from the testimonies of clients about the sustained impact our work has had,” says Eric. “It is gratifying to know that the improvements and strategies that we introduced and helped implemented are still maintained many years after projects: tools and methodologies that are used in creating value.”