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Urban Mobility Readiness Index 2021: Putting Sustainability in the Driver’s Seat
Where does your city rank?

The Oliver Wyman Forum, in partnership with the University of California, Berkeley, has produced the index to show how 60 major cities rank in their capacity to lead mobility's next chapter. A summary of this year’s index captures key insights and trends across all 60 cities.

This year's index contains two new developments. We are the introducing the Sustainable Mobility sub-index, which evaluates how well cities are promoting green methods of transportation and ensuring their infrastructure is resilient to the risks of climate change. This ranking draws on existing metrics and one new indicator on cycling infrastructure. We also are expanding our coverage to include 10 additional cities: Atlanta, Cape Town, Jeddah, Munich, Nairobi, Oslo, Quito, Santiago, Vancouver, and Washington, D.C.

The 2021 Urban Mobility Readiness Index provides access to richly textured and extensive data on five dimensions that comprise 57 different metrics. It includes four different sets of rankings:

Overall ranking: ranks all 60 cities on their overall Urban Mobility Readiness score. The ranking rates the city's present readiness as an indication of its future mobility capacity.

Regional ranking: shows the relative position of all the cities within a given region.

Dimension rankings: enables the user to drill down into the detail of how the 60 cities performs on each of the five dimensions.

Sustainable Mobility ranking: new to the 2021 Index, this ranks cities on their journey toward environmentally sustainable mobility. It is a sub-index compiled from 15 existing metrics relevant to sustainable mobility and one new indicator: cycling infrastructure.

In addition to these rankings, the reader can click on any city to view a profile page showing its relative performance on the five dimensions as well as the strengths and challenges of its mobility ecosystem. Readers also can compare any two cities side by side for a sense of relative performance.