Mobility Reading List

The Shared-Use City: Managing the Curb

This OECD report discusses how to manage growing competition for curb access in cities, given the explosions in both ridesharing services and goods delivery.

International Transport Forum of the OECD Corporate Partnership Board

Drones Go to Work

Anderson finds that the disruptive economics of unmanned vehicles are taking hold. He suggests the real evolution is the increasing normalcy of flying robots.

Chris AndersonCEO of 3DR

The Autonomous Vehicle Revolution: How Insurance Must Adapt

This report from Marsh looks at how the concept of liability may be transformed when software is making the decisions that lead to accidents.

David CarlsonMarsh

How Smart Speakers Are Poised to Reinvent the Travel Industry

An article in Harvard Business Review looks at how smart speakers are poised to become the world's virtual travel agents, increasingly able to search for the best rates on everything from flights to hotels to rental cards and then book the reservation on the spot.

Scot Hornick and Shri SanthanamOliver Wyman