Antsy Gen Zs Want Wellness Rooms, Pronouns And Lots Of Time Off

Don't count on this generation turning into their parents as they age.

This article originally appeared in The Telegraph on January 15, 2023.

Born between 1997 and 2012, Gen Zs currently represent 25pc of the world’s population and will comprise 27pc of the workforce by 2025. By 2031 that number will rise to 31pc.

Don’t assume this generation will turn into their parents as they age. Two years of research by the Oliver Wyman Forum and The News Movement convince us this extraordinarily diverse group won’t.

Even though they’ve lived through the war on terror, a global pandemic, lockdowns and an opioid crisis, the majority remain more tolerant, accepting and focused on creating a fair society than previous generations.

Not only is this cohort set to change the political landscape – they are intent on working for and buying from companies that share their commitment to the environment, gender equality and inclusion, while providing the flexibility, pay and opportunities they value.

Businesses need to adapt their policies, procedures and benefits – and fast.


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