Future of Data Reading List

New White Paper Provides Guidance on Embedding Data Protection Principles in Machine Learning

This whitepaper offers an explanation of the requirement of Data Protection by Design (DPbD), what controls and failure modes are and how they relate to the workflow, and how to select controls to address key nodes of the DPbD workflow.

Marianne VarkianiFuture of Privacy Forum

Can You Make AI Fairer Than a Judge? Play Our Courtroom Algorithm Game

AI determinations of fairness are apt to lose the complicated and philosophical nuances of the issue.

Karen Hao and Jonathan StrayMIT Technology Review

How Much is Your Privacy Really Worth?

Determining the value consumers place on their personal data is beginning to look like a fool's errand.

Will OremusOneZero, Medium

The Next Generation of Data-Sharing in Financial Services: Using Privacy Enhancing Techniques to Unlock New Value

Fraud detection, customer service, and risk assessment for financial institutions could all be improved by sharing data.

World Economic Forum

Nonrivalry and the Economics of Data

Firms may hoard data for a competitive advantage, but there may be broader financial incentives in promoting broader use.

Charles I. Jones and Christopher TonettiStanford Graduate School of Business

The Danger of AI is Weirder Than You Think

As shown by the occasionally eyebrow-raising happenings of its algorithms, AI isn't quite ready to compare to human brain power.

Janelle ShaneTED

Using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to Accelerate Global Development

We must couple machine learning with human insight to truly achieve sustainable development solutions.

Jennifer L. Cohen and Homi KharasBrookings Institution