Cyber Reading List

Incentivizing Responsible And Secure Innovation: Principles And Guidance For Investors

Investors have an important role to play in driving startups and small & medium businesses to win in cybersecurity. This World Economic Forum report details how and why this is vital to innovation.

World Economic Forum Centre for Cybersecurity

Five Reasons ‘Hacking Back’ Is A Recipe For Cybersecurity Chaos

New US legislation may make it legal for victims of hacking to “hack back” in retaliation, and some experts say this is a recipe for trouble.

MIT Technology Review

Local Governments Cybersecurity Crisis In Eight Charts

Researchers at UMBC present eight charts to describe the alarming state of cybersecurity within local governments.

Donald Norris, Anupam Joshi, Laura Mateczun, Tim Finn University of Maryland, Baltimore County

An Interview With Jim Baker, Former General Counsel, FBI

Jim Baker, the former general counsel for the FBI, talked about encryption legislation in a recent podcast interview.

Risky Business Podcast

Securing American Elections

A recent study by Stanford University finds that security improvements in US elections haven’t been keeping pace with the threats facing them.

Stanford University Cyber Policy Center