Cyber Reading List

Why Cybersecurity Isn’t Only a Tech Problem

Thinking about how cyberattacks can disrupt critical business activities is, unfortunately, often forgotten by many leaders in the C-suite and board.

Harvard Business Review

New Chinese Cybersecurity Rules Could Delay Release of Threat Alerts to Business and Public, Tech Specialists Warn

Cybersecurity experts fear that delaying the disclosure of details about critical threats may hamper the ability to address those dangers.

Linda Lew and Guo RuiSouth China Morning Post

Voluntary Disclosure of Cybersecurity Risks Mitigates Contagion Effect With Investors

Two major frameworks for disclosing cybersecurity risk and, consequently, becoming more attractive to investors, are outlined in this report.

Nicole LindseyCPO Magazine

How Lean Learning Can Improve Cybersecurity Training

With the growing shortage of cybersecurity professionals, organizations should be looking less for credentials and qualifications and instead focus on their specific needs and whether an employee has the skills to address them.

James HadleyForbes

The Future of Security is Converged

As digital threats evolve with the growing assimilation of IoT, organizations need a comprehensive security strategy that breaks down the silos between their physical and cyber IT departments.

Will WiseSecurity Magazine