City Readiness Reading List

San Diego Earns Top Rank Among U.S. Cities for Tech-Driven Innovation

Homeless challenges, improving the quality of life in neighborhoods, and environmental protections were all aided by tech solutions in San Diego.

Chris JenneweinTimes of San Diego

Why Berlin, Fürth and Darmstadt are Among Germany's 'Best Performing' Cities

This study measured variables such as labor and real estate markets, research strength, future industries potential, and quality of life.

The Local

Rethinking Density to Build Cities of the Future

Rather than being structured around connectivity and proximity, cities of the future will be centered around livability to attract talent and become hotbeds for innovation and productivity, thus prompting a re-thinking of city organization.

Somik Lall, Sameh Wahbah, and Indermit GillWorld Bank

Three Ways Cities can Prepare for Climate Emergencies

Embracing resilience thinking, adopting green infrastructure, and collaboration are all essential to taking on climate change.

Ryan Plummer, Darby McGrath, Jessica Blythe, and Julia BairdThe Conversation

Strategies for Left-Behind Places

A report from The Brookings Institution argues lagging places won't catch up with superstar cities on their own. They say it's time for new policies to boost economic opportunity in left-behind communities.

Clara Hendrickson, Mark Muro, and William A GalstonBrookings Institution