City Readiness Reading List

Why city residents should have a say in what their cities look like

AECOM released their 2nd annual Future of Infrastructure report, including a recent survey of 10,000 residents across 10 global cities. Respondents indicated that most of them want to, but lack the opportunity to provide infrastructure planning and decision-making were they live.

Michael S BurkeAECOM

How America’s dying rust belt town can transform into “smart cities” of the future

How do small cities overcome declining industry and enable their citizens to adjust? This story focuses on Pittsburgh, PA and Madison, WI as two examples of cities that have reinvented themselves.

Vivian GiangFast Company

(Video) Cities & Blockchain - CES 2019

Cities around the world are experimenting with blockchain as an enabler for public services. This live panel from the 2019 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) features subject matter experts describing their role in shaping cities' blockchain strategies.

CES 2019

What The Future Of Work Means For Cities

MIT's David Autor gave the Richard T.Ely lecture on the past and future of work, with a particular focus on cities, to the American Economic Association. He highlighted trends in "frontier work," "wealth work," and "last mile work" that indicate how cities will adjust as the workforce shifts

Greg RosalskyNPR | Planet Money

Strategies for left-behind places

A report from The Brookings Institution argues lagging places won't catch up with superstar cities on their own. They say it's time for new policies to boost economic opportunity in left-behind communities.

Clara Hendrickson, Mark Muro, and William A GalstonBrookings Institution